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Christmas 2017 Christmas 2017 Warm colours, festive decoration and modern Christmas trends – you will find everything you need in the Mank CHRISTMAS COLLECTION 2017 to create festive table top arrangements for Christmas. Come and explore our classic ranges and discover our new products! 52 Download
4,6 MB 
Autumn 2017 Autumn 2017 Discover warm earth tones, bright autumn colours and new on trend shades. Whether it’s classic designs or modern prints – our autumn collection 2017 will give you inspiration for your table arrangements this autumn! 28 Download
2,3 MB 
Table coverings
Spring / Summer 2017 Spring / Summer 2017 Once again, this year’s designs from the Spring/Summer catalogue are as light, colourful and full of life as Spring itself... 36 Download
7,5 MB 
Continuous print
Inspiration 2017 Inspiration 2017 Perfection is all that counts - the essence of complete hospitality Striving for perfection is what makes a good host, so we have put together a portfolio of the highest quality tabletop products for this year's... 188 Download
12,9 MB 
Washing mitts
Selection Deluxe Selection Deluxe Napkins and tablecloths. Individual, upmarket and versatile. Delight your guests with an atmosphere that reflects your establishment's style. 24 Download
1,1 MB 
hairdressing supplies
Pocket-Napkins® Pocket-Napkins® Mank Pocket-Napkins® – Napkin and bag together – an exklusive combo-hit. 4 Download
0,2 MB 
Coaster & table cloths
Office Line Office Line Individually printed napkins, coasters and table sets Underline your establishment’s distincitve character and style. 2 Download
0,3 MB 
Drink safe caps Drink safe caps Image on the top. Makes all the difference. Classical white or custom designed. Your establishment's calling card 2 Download
0,3 MB 
Tissue Wadding Pocket Napkins® Tissue Wadding Pocket Napkins® For everything that needs to be served quickly and appetisingly 2    
Airlaid Napkins
Beverage industry Beverage industry Beer mats, dripmats & napkins. Add accentuation, show style and be memorable with outstandingly high quality 6    
Travelling Travelling It is the small gestures that make the difference. They are what make a trip special and leave an unforgettable impression. 4    
Cellulose wadding swabs
Catering & Care Catering & Care Coasters, teapot holders and egg cosies. Individual elegance and lasting impressions that guests will love to recall. 8    
Bath mats
Agencies & Events Agencies & Events Individually printed napkins, coasters and table sets Underline your establishment’s distincitve character and style. 8    
Cleaning sponges
Appetite-Appeal Appetite-Appeal True greatness often shows itself in the small details: Mank proves this today with a broad range of choice paper cups. Delicate packaging that gives a new meaning to the word appetising. 8    
Foam packaging

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